Australian Labradoodles in Ontario


F1B goldendoodles are the progeny of an F1 goldendoodle (golden retriever x poodle) and a poodle. They are technically 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever. While we still see the same personality traits in the F1B goldendoodles compared to our F1 goldendoodles, the doodle hair is typically curlier. We recommend the F1B goldendoodle for people with very severe allergies. As you can see in the pictures below, our F1B goldendoodles still have excellent boxy heads like a golden retriever. We are very proud to carry on our goldendoodle lines further to an even more allergy friendly dog.

Dolly and Joey

On August 3rd - 2006, Dolly had her first litter of puppies. These were our first F1B goldendoodles, and they definitely won't be our last! We are so thrilled that these puppies have the same blocky/square heads that a golden retriever has. But they definitely have different hair than a golden retriever! There were 5 puppies in this litter - 4 females and 1 male. All of Dolly's puppies had great non-shedding coats. They were all little dollies!!


Bauer lives with the Ruis family in Courtice, Ontario.



Betsy lives with the Matthews family in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.



Ella lives with the Fitzsimons family in Waterloo, Ontario.



Roxy lives with the Penner family in Cambridge, Ontario.

Diva and Rodeo

On January 28th - 2007, Diva gave birth to a sensational litter of 8 puppies - 4 boys and 4 girls. These puppies ranged from a nice apricot to a deep dark red in color. We couldn't have been happier with our second litter of F1B goldendoodles. Diva was a great first time mom too!


Yankee lives with the Klaassen family in Nanaimo, British Columbia.



Coco lives with the Hostetler family in Virginia Beach, Virginia.



Mona lives with the Brandstetter family in Austria.



Murfee lives with the Maynard family in Edmonton, Alberta.



Reese lives with the Fontaine family in Sudbury, Ontario.

Indy and Jackson

On May 26th - 2007, Indy gave birth to her first litter of puppies! Indy did us proud just like her sister Diva! There were 6 puppies in the litter, with an even split of girls and boys - 3 and 3! We had our first ever rose nosed puppies in this litter! Indy's guardian family came often to visit her with her puppies! She loved to see them walking through our front door! 


Louie lives with the Airhart family.



Tiger lives with the Noble family in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. 

Diva and Jackson

On July 30th - 2007, Diva welcomed her 2nd litter of F1b goldendoodles! Jackson was the father of these sweeties! There were 5 females and 3 males in the litter, and what a range of colors! We are so proud of these guys! Diva loved to play with her puppies whenever she could. She was always so gentle with them, and she allowed our Jessie to join in and help out with puppy duty!


Charlie lives with the Martyn family in Corbeil, Ontario.



Rusty is the darker puppy in this picture. He lives with his brother Murphy who is also a DoodleLane doodle (from Amber and Prince)! Rusty and Murphy live with the Boucher family in South Porcupine, Ontario.



Utah lives with the Siokalo family in Whitby, Ontario.



Boomer lives with the Viitala family in King City, Ontario.

Dolly and Joey

On August 16th - 2007, Dolly and Joey had their 2nd and final litter together. Dolly was a wonderful mother yet again, and we are so happy that she has passed on her wonderful personality to her puppies! Dolly now lives with her permanent guardian family, and they are just in love with her! Dolly had 9 puppies in her litter - 6 females and 2 males. All of the puppies had wonderful non-shedding coats.  

Ok everyone, sit nicely for the camera! The front row of 8 belongs to Dolly, and the back row of 3 puppies (don't forget that one boy peeking through!) belong to Diva!


Zoey lives with the Douglas family in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



Buddy lives with the Whittam family in Wilton, New York.

Ling Ling and Auto

On September 25th - 2007, Ling Ling gave birth to a small litter of 2 puppies! We had 1 black girl, and 1 dark apricot boy! This was Ling Ling's first litter for us, and definitely not our last. These puppies were just a mini/medium size. Auto was a mini F1 goldendoodle from an outside program.


Cheyenne is the black baby on the right! Her doodle sister is Yankee from Diva and Rodeo!

Cheyenne lives with the MaKay family in Nanaimo, British Columbia. You can really see the size difference between a standard and a mini/medium! Both are full grown!

Diva and Joey

On January 13th - 2008, Diva and Joey had a stunning litter of 7 puppies - 4 girls and 3 boys. We had 6 brown nosed puppies and just one with a black nose! What a change from our 'normal' litters!


Lilly lives with the McCarthy family in Longmeadow, MA.

Licorice and Joey

On October 23rd - 2008, Licorice and Joey had their very first litter together! There were 7 puppies in the litter - 5 males and 2 females. We were expecting a rainbow litter! But mother nature stepped in and we got creams and apricots only! What a surprise for us! Licorice was a great first time mom to these guys!


Andi lives with the Barker family in Frisco, Texas.



Reggie lives with the Wilson family in Calgary, Alberta.

Jessie and Jake

On November 5th - 2008, Jessie had her first litter here at DoodleLane. Of course the proud dad is our studly Jake. We had 5 girls and 5 boys in a wide range of colours! 


Cooper lives with the Blais family in St. Catherine's, Ontario.

Indy and Jasper

On May 8th - 2009, Indy and Jasper welcomed their 9 babies into this world! This was Jasper's first litter for our program! What a litter it was! We have our reds again!


Gordie lives with the Rann family in Cambridge, Ontario.



Dolly lives with the Rive family in Markham, Ontario.

Diva and Jasper

On June 7th - 2009, in the midst of Rachael's wedding, Diva delivered her one beautiful baby! Yes...just one! Diva's puppy was raised with another litter so that she was given proper socialization with other puppies! Diva went back to her jolly self very quickly and little Cinders grew up with a big adopted family of her own!


Cinders lives with the Macdonald family in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

Emma and Joey

On July 14th - 2009, Emma and Joey welcomed their first litter together. Emma was a first time mom, and we knew all along how wonderful she would be. Emma never wanted to leave her 5 babies.


Daisy lives with the Dusek family in Orangeville, Ontario.


Shyla and Jasper

On December 4th - 2009, Shyla welcomed her first litter of goldendoodles with Jasper! It is so amazing when our own puppies have puppies! Grand babies and great grand babies are always amazing to see! Shyla had 7 beautiful red babies!


Jake lives with his doodle brother Cooper (one of Jessie and Jake's previous puppies) and the Blais family in St. Catherines, Ontario.



Sydney lives with the White family.


Licorice and Joey

On December 7th - 2009, Licorice had 9 gorgeous puppies! We finally had our rainbow litter! 5 creams, 3 blacks and 1 chocolate! Finally, a chocolate goldendoodle! It is so interesting every time that we will have different colors in a litter. You never know what will come next!


Otis lives with the Mathews family in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. He also lives with his doodle sister Betsy, from Dolly and Joey.


Emma and Jasper

On January 28th - 2010, Emma and Jasper had their fist litter together! Emma had 8 sweet little babies...and once again, she loved every minute of being a mother! If we let her, she would stay with them until they went off to college!


Hudson lives with the Binder family.

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