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Shyla and Jasper

On June 5th - 2010, Shyla and Jasper welcomed 10 goldendoodle babies into this world. Shyla had 6 boys and 4 girls in apricot and red!


Diva and Jasper

On June 6th - 2010, Diva and Jasper had their 2nd liter of F1b goldendoodles together. It was a busy 24 hours with Shyla having puppies a few hours earlier! Diva had 8 beautiful babies - 5 girls and 3 boys.


Luna and Jasper

On July 10th - 2010, Luna and Jasper had their first litter together. Luna had her 5 chunky monkey puppies!


Sadie and Jasper

On July 16th - 2010, Sadie and Jasper had their first litter together. Boy Jasper was a busy guy these past few months! Sadie had 11 babies. She was a wonderful first time mother.


Bella and Jasper

On August 10th - 2010, Bella and Jasper had a litter of red and apricot puppies. This was their last litter together and they certainly did not disappoint us!

Leah and Chippy

On November 18th - 2010, Leah and Chippy welcomed an all chocolate litter of puppies! We had 10 scrumptious chocolate drops. This was our first litter of all chocolate goldendoodles and we couldn't be more proud!

Licorice and Joey

On February 9th - 2011, Licorice and Joey welcomed their very last litter together. They had 8 puppies - 7 apricots and 1 chocolate! Joey was such a great guy and really brought a lot to our program. We are sad to see him retired but know that he will enjoy living out the rest of his life with his guardian family who love him so much. We have lots of Joey babies to carry on in his name!

Sadie and Jiggs

On May 7th - 2011, Sadie and Jiggs had our first ever parti goldendoodles! This was Jiggs' last litter of puppies before his retirement and what a way to end it! There was 7 stunning babies in apricot and apricot/white parti...and even one with a black tail! Everyone who came to visit had to do a double take because the puppy looked dirty! He wasn't a dirty boy, just had a very unusual apricot body with white markings and a black/brindle tail!

Pretty and Chippy

On June 23rd - 2011, Pretty and Chippy had a whopping litter of 12 puppies! A whole pile of chocolate.

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