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Congratulations on your new puppy. Please be sure to read all of the information on this page THOROUGHLY!! This page contains information that you need to be familiar with BEFORE taking your puppy home.

Ordering Your Puppy Food

We feed TLC pet food. It is a Canadian made pet food that is distributed across Canada and the US. You are not able to purchase this brand in a store, but it is ordered online or via phone and delivered right to your door within a few days. We have been feeding TLC since 2010 now, and we are very pleased with it. It is corn and wheat free which is what generally causes allergies in dogs. All of our puppies, adult dogs, and guardian dogs eat this food. We highly recommend staying with this food.

Please order the food 2 weeks prior to puppy pick up. Go to and enter the following promo code: 29957-1025 to receive $5 off your first order. There are no shipping charges. Delivery takes up to a week, but usually it arrives within 2-3 days.

This is an all life stages food – meaning same formula from puppy to adult to senior. The ‘old’ way of thinking is to feed a puppy formula, then an adult formula etc. Puppy formulas are generally too high in protein and fat, causing your puppy to grow faster. This is harmful to their bones/joints. It is better for your dog to be a ‘slow grower’.

In September of 2012 we attended a labradoodle breeding conference set up by the ALAA – Australian labradoodle association of America. The key speaker was Dr. Keller from OFA (orthopedic foundations for animals). He has been reading all of the hip/elbow xrays sent in to OFA for over 20 years. He urged every breeder in the conference to be feeding an all life stages food because of slower growth and development – especially in the larger breeds.

When researching dog foods, keep in mind that we have also done our own research! We have literally tried every food on the market and continue to stay updated on the different brands and varieties.

We are now offering a 3 year health guarantee to clients who continue to feed TLC pet food. Our guarantee has always been 2 years, and it will be extended to 3 years if your pet remains on TLC.

Pet Insurance

We have recently signed up with an amazing pet insurance company to offer our clients 30 days of FREE pet insurance. We researched a few different companies and really liked Trupanion's program, as they have a no limit payout. This is a HUGE advantage!

When you come to pick up your puppy we will provide you with a form that has an activation code. You MUST activate your trial within 24 hours of taking home your puppy.

Supplies For Your New Puppy

There are so many different products out there and you can easily fill your cart up with hundreds of dollars at a pet store! Here are the basics that you will need to have at home. 

Crate: Mini puppies should use either a 24 or 30 inch crate, mediums require a 30 or 36 inch crate, and standards either a 36 or 42 inch wire crate. We prefer wire crates over the plastic ones because plastic is easily chewed and can hold smells more easily.

Leash: Our recommendation is a 4 foot leash. I am not a fan of retractable leashes because they are always used incorrectly. Your puppy needs to learn how to walk by your side.

Dog Bowls: 2 stainless steel dog bowls

Towel: Don't buy your puppy an expensive dog bed right away. Just use an old towel in the crate at the beginning just in case there are accidents. While we do have our puppies sleeping in a crate prior to them going to their new homes, it is stressful to move and accidents can happen. A towel is inexpensive and easy to wash.

Treats: Remember that treats should be given in moderation. I suggest purchasing a trial size bag of a different brand of dog food and offering those as treats. They are small and great for training!

Toys: These are some of my recommendations for toys - ropes, puppy kong, hard white bone, a couple of stuffed toys, rubber chicken.

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